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Livermore Bulls 2022

This season is going to be a season unlike all the previous.

Never before has the safety of your children been taken as seriously by the Livermore Bulls.  Previously, the primary initiative was filling rosters and placing kids on teams and in divisions based on their ages.  

The fact is during development, kids grow physically and capably at different rates.  We recognize there are undersized kids who would benefit from playing a season with a year younger, but similarly sized and competent.  We have implemented the Older Lighter rules.  Players meeting weight requirements will have a vastly enhanced experience playing with comparably skilled players.

This is why we have added a second layer of protection.  First-time players can be 7 or they can be 14.  Putting a 14-year-old player on a team where 95% of the players are on a returning season could be a disadvantage and diminish their experience.  We have added a development division designed to ease first-time players into the fundamentals of the game, while still challenging and pushing their abilities and growing their confidence.

This season promises to be the best in Livermore's history, and that all is a direct correlation to the families who make this program so special.  

Consider volunteering this season!  You will get so much more out of the experience and your player will, too.

I can't wait to meet you all.

Coach Kevin
President, Livermore Bulls
Livermore Junior Football

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